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tommiebsmith- Hello My name is Tommie Smith.. I have been into VW's since the beginning of time it feels. My very first car was a 71 that my parents bought for $250 dollars and I drove that car for years.. had a few projects that came and went in all I've owned about 17 VW's of various types. Early on I did not have a ton of money to have things fixed by others so I learned the hard way like on the side of the road hard.. how to get myself back on underway.. This has thought me a few things with driving aircooled vehicles but mainly it thought me to be a hoarder -because you just never know.. when you or someone will need "that" part.. Good thing is I really enjoying helping others and most everything I own I share with those who are need.. Very little money ever changes hands just a "Don't forget to Pay it Forward" is all I ask. I do build motors for friends and can figure out basically everything on these cars with a little effort. I used to install Car Audio so I do enjoy wiring which is why an "Interior Dome Light" is a must to have functioning.. all my friends laugh because of how much I focus on the Dome Light.. Figure we all need a little "Mood Setting" every now and again.. Now I currently Drive a 68' bug as my daily go everywhere car.. and have a 59' in the garage that is awesome on the weekends.. I enjoy being part of club were the members take such great care of each other and their own cars. Currently heading up the AUSTIN Chapter where we are growing and having fun..



DPR 69mm Crank

VW rods

Lightened Flywheel

Mahle 90.5

40x35.5 heads -mild port work

C25 cam with 1.25:1 rockers

44IDFs Berg Linkage

FULL MSD Ignition

A1 Sidewinder Exhaust

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