Der Luftkühlers (dLk) was formed in late Summer of 2007. All of the original dLk members were members of the Houston Aircoolers (HAC) that had become good friends that hung out together, helped each other on one another’s cars on a regular basis, shared parts and knowledge, always attended HAC functions, and were generally very dedicated to VWs. On one particular work day, where we were replacing the pans in one of the group’s cars, we realized that we all were very dedicated to helping each other and that if we all continued helping each other, everyone’s car would be elevated to a level not possible working alone. But the only way to realistically do this was to stay focused on a small, tight-knit group that could be very dedicated to each other and each other’s projects, rather than on a much larger, more diffuse group such as HAC. Out of discussions on that day and the ensuing weeks to come, dLk (which translates to "The Aircoolers", a nod to our origins) was born.

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