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oval1- Oval1: AKA: Eliot Vancil: I grew up in and around Dallas TX which is where I reside today. My family has always been into Volkswagens. My dad likes to tell the story of him driving me around every night in his 64 Beetle to get me to go to sleep. My uncle was a VW mechanic who enjoyed VW drag racing. I always drooled over his creations including the "V-What" which was a VW powered Fiat drag car he ran in Oregon. Like most VW guys I grew up reading every subscription of Hot VW's and VW Trends. I bought my first VW project from my uncle when I was 15. It was a 66 Type 1 beetle. This car wasn't much to look at but I built it and I loved it. There was no interior when I got it. The seats were milk crates that I bolted down to the pan. The stance was awesome with an adjustable beam and eight spoke Empi's. The interior was next. I ultimately tore the engine down and built a 1641 dual port with a Holley Bug Spray two barrel and a header with a stinger. She actually got around pretty good as I remember! Some of my fondest memories were working on that car. My tragic mistake was trying to have the car painted by a shaky auto body shop. Well, the shop disappeared along with the car. After that I owned a VW Sirocco until I wrecked it in college... After college I spent 10 years building a couple of companies with no time for VW's. I never stopped dreaming about them and reading every magazine I could get my hands on. I finally started making some money and had some spare time. I found a 64 Type 1 that I thought was fairly strait but soon found it to be a real rust bucket after I disassembled, pulled it off the pan and stripped the body. I worked on it for awhile welding in new pans, but eventually got frustrated with the effort and money I was going to have to spend on a not so good 64. Introducing the 55 3 fold. I found a really cool well done Strato Silver 55 3 fold that had been featured in Hot VW's magazine and purchased it immediately. It's been all downhill from there. I've owned a 53 Zwitter which was also featured in Hot VW's and Volks World (Sold it), a 59 Type 2 Double Cab, a 62 Type 1 Convertible, a 64 Type 1 2 fold rag, 55 Type 1 numbers matching sedan, a 59 Type 1 sedan, a 65 Type 3 notch, and finally I just purchased another 63 Type 1 Convertible. My kid's and wife love VW's now also and we have a blast doing the car show thing. To say the least I'm really enjoying my hobby and I've found a great VW community that shares my passion as much as I do.

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