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Zwarte Piet - Hello, my name is Martin Lehmann, I have been into VWs, well Bugs mostly since I got my first push car at the age of 2. Current count I have had 13 VWs, and all but one were Bugs. Projects aside, my first driver was a 1965 sea blue Beetle. On a whim, I went to Austin Veedub in 1998 just to look around and I asked if they knew of any cars for sale. The guy behind the counter pointed through the door behind me and up on the lift she sat. It was purchased from a Cancer foundation auction and previously sat for 25 years in dry storage until Veedub purchased it. A quick loan from my dad and it was mine. It was instantly a daily driver for a few years until the motor went out, and I foolishly sold it. It still continues to be the driest and straightest Bug I have ever owned. Fast forwarding to now, I currently own a 1963 Beetle purchased in Killeen about a year ago. With the help of Tommie B. Smith, it now has a fresh, fancy motor and is rolling down the road. I also own a 1967 Ghia (wife's car).



69mm welded German Crank

VW Rods

92mm Mahle Pistons

Engle 120 cam


MSD Ignition

Vintage Speed Exhaust