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MkZero- Mk-Zero, AKA Brian C., has been into VW's for 29 years now, starting off at the age of 13 when he got his first car, a '59 Baja Bug. Even before that his dad had a '67 Ghia that Brian loved to ride in and help his dad work on. Brian was born and raised in Spring Valley, CA, which is about 8 miles East of San Diego. He attended San Diego State University where he studied Mechanical Engineering while holding a part time job as an electronic and optical technician. All the while he kept his VW hobby going with the 59 Baja, a 65 Baja, a '72 Bug with a dual Weber 2176cc Nitrous motor, an 84 Scirocco he built a 2.1 L motor for, a 92 Jetta, a 2001 Jetta turbo, and his current car a 1955 semaphore beetle. After finishing his bachelor's degree, Brian moved to Atlanta Georgia to earn Master's and Ph.D. degrees in Mechanical engineering at Georgia Tech. Upon finishing his education in 2002, he got a faculty position at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, TX, performing biomechanical research. While living in Houston, Brian helped form the dLk with fellow Houston Aircoolers members. Also during that time, Brian built a 2176cc ~180hp motor for the 55. Eventually, Brian took a position at a heart valve company in Orange County, CA, designing new prosthetic heart valves. After moving back to California, Brian transformed the look of the 55 into a "Outlaw" road race/rally theme. The new look includes custom 16" Porsche 356 replica wheels (7" rear, 6" front), Koni adjustable dampers, adjustable spring plates, front and rear disk brakes, a GT limited slip differential, Porsche 356-inspired interior, and other road race details. The new powerplant is a 2332 cc, which made 231 hp (with the muffler and belt on pump gas) at 7500 RPM.


2332 cc (CB 84mm X Mahle 94mm, ceramic coated tops)

231 hp @ 7500 RPM w/ muffler, belt, and pump gas

AA 5.4" rods

DRD/SLR X310 cam (310 duration, .655" lift @ valve w/ Pauter 1.5 rockers, Manton push rods

Modified DRD L7 heads with custom Ferrea 7mm stem 44X37.5 valves, Ti retainers, PAC Racing LS1 springs

10.25:1 CR, 91 Octane

48 IDA Webers, 44mm Venturis, Berg Short Manifolds with custom spacers for harmonic tuning

Mallory Unilite dist, Mallory Promaster E-Series Coil, Mallory HyFire VI digital box

1-3/4" A1 Sidewinder header with custom A1 bullet muffler

4-speed trans, 3.88 R&P, 3.78 first, 2.06 second, 1.48 third, 1.04 fourth, GT Limited Slip diff