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Marko - I am Mark I got in to the the VW scene in the early 90s when my son had to have a 63 bug that we drug home on a tow bar that was to far gone when we found a 71 super vert that we cut and shaved then he gave up and left me with the vert that I turned in to a daily driver for 2 years, then found my first bus a 69 panel that the vert motor found its way in to for my next driver then came a 73 camper that got painted and sold that became the hoochiemama. Then vert came around to be my first show car in 98. Then I built my wife a 70 daily driver that got her for 4 years running to work and school. Then a 61 rag found it way home that I worked on for a year that became show car number 2, now the 65 bus that I found in the 90s for a friend found it s way back to me in 2006 that I repainted and restored the interior in my garage back in 2009-2010 to what it is now.