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Cousin It-Cousin It- AKA James A.: I'm originally from Western North Carolina moved to Texas when I was eight. I grew up in Livingston TX, worked in a body shop there while in high school. Now I'm a surveyor. I got into VWs late in life I was always into muscle cars. Started out with an 84 Z28, then a 67 Camaro never got it on the road. Next came a 68 Camaro I drove for a couple of years, then an 89 forumla 350, and then got a 93 Dokata with a 318 and a Vortec. After it a 86 5.0 then I just drove company trucks for years. Now I'm in to VWs and its been a blast, a friend told me a year ago when I bought my first one it was addictive. I have two now.

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