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ConcreteAce- My name is Ethan, I am a Houston Chapter member. I was introduced to VW's at the early age of 12 when my Grandfather traded a cow for a dune buggy. I spent hours and hours riding through the pasture in Northeast Texas. During that same period of time I knew a guy who lived in Jefferson that had a very fast Super Beetle, It was bright orange and most everyone called it the Great Pumpkin, I remember watching him do burnouts in that car and he would race just about anyone....That was pretty much how the seed was planted. My father gave me my first VW. It was a 67 that was in poor shape it needed pans, channels, and just about everything else. Some how I still managed to drive it for a year or so, and then one day my step brother gave me a real solid 65 body. I ditched the 67 body, installed new pans and dropped the 65 body on the ball joint chassis. I have never looked back and have owned more than I can even count, and in the last 23 years I can not remember one time that I didn't have a bug in my garage. Check out my latest build in our projects section.

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