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Chisel_86- My name is Mark and I proudly belong to the Houston chapter of DLK. I'm originally from the great state of California, but relocated to Houston in 2012 (I love it here!) and joined the DLK in Sept. 2013. I've been into VW's for as long as I can remember, mainly I think because the Beetle was the first car I could pick out of a crowd as a kid. I had dreams and plans for my Beetle before one was even a possibility for me. I would always go to the Sacramento BugORama to watch the drags and look for my future car and get ideas. I bought my first Beetle in high school, got it running with help from my dad (who had never worked on a VW, but plenty of other classics), and drove it around town in all of its primer and latex painted glory. Plans and upgrades are always in the works.

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