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69vduber- aka Wayne Carpenter aka FOG... My first VW was a 2 year old 69 bug, Toga white with red interior. It was my first car that I bought in 1971 for $1800. The thing to do back then was to put Chevy chrome reverse wheels on adapters with big tires, 9 inch wide in the back with air shocks and 7 inch on the front with coil over springs. It had a Hurst copper straight shifter bought new from the dealer and coco mats. This car was the one that my wife and I dated in. This was our first car until a wreck that wiped out the front end in 1979. After that I had a 71 blue bug that I drove as a work car in the 80's 90's until alot rust was found while removing paint off from a failed attempt to win a 1995 Rockets car contest. It then became a parts car for my sons 74 bug. After a while the two bugs just sat in the garage until we sold them. My son Ryan, called one day and announced that he found a project at a car auction, a 69 sun roof. I had it for a couple of years taking it apart at times. Then I saw a bunch of guys at the local Nifty 50's with a nice black 69 bug and another was a wood grain square back. Bo Smith talked to me and told me about and then later about DLK... I finally finished that 69 project and it now looks like the one my wife and I dated in except the Chevy wheels were replace with Sprint Stars. It now is as best I can make it, a period correct 69 with Original steel Empi Sprint Stars, Empi Gauges, Hurst shifter, coco mats. I've enjoyed the friendships and the knowledge that the young guys in the club share and are willing to help. That is what impressed me the most. I've been a member since 2008.

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